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Poetry, prose, a novel, letters, songs...yet more coming.

Gifts, Features, Fan Art, etc.

Make me something and it will end up here! (I'll also fave it and submit it to groups for you!) :D Some stuff here wasn't made for me, per se, but I'm mentioned in the artist comments.

Reminds Me Of My Books

Random from DLD's I Have Featured


Poetry I have had the honor of featuring for :icondailylitdeviations: All of these pieces are amazing. Please check us out, and send me your suggestions! Yes, you! Anyone can suggest! You can even suggest yourself! Please see my suggestion guidelines here.


I'm Going to Raise Your Pelvis to the Sky by tonepainter

I liked this, and found it very clever. Not easy, given the limitations you gave yourself. Every word felt like it fit, and not like yo...

by CJWilde

This. is. so. beautiful. It paints such a delicate, shimmering picture in my head - the words themselves are strong yet fragile, like t...

AkuBaka's Brilliance

Commission info for AkubakaArts - my favorite artist on dA!

HI!HI!HI! Hi my dear friends, watchers and guests!
I'm sooo happy to let you know, that i'm starting work for you) :juggle:

If You like my style( I'll be happy) or you need a drawing bitch, I can offer you following commissions:

1) Full-body character:
- Base Price (with simple or no background):$15-20
- Base price (with heavily detailed background):$30

2) Character: waist or thigh: $15-$30
(with/without background)

3) Chibi
- Fullbody - between $3-$7

4) Book Covers $15-$30
(depends on details)

5) Portraits: $15-20

6) Landscapes:$30
(ooh this is hard)
If you want anything else, feel free to tell me about it

7)I'll NOT draw;
- kids

- I have full independence in the process ---> 20$
- If you have many reccomendations ------> 20-30$

Ueful Information:
-Name of character
-Skin color/race (elf, drow, human, octopod etc)
-Eye color
-Hair color
-Clothing type(colors if you want)
-Preferred weapons (if applicable)
-Any other features (tattoos, scars, etc.)
-Preferred pose/link to reference if available (if desired)


All prices are in US dollars.

I accept payments on the bank card( I will inform requisites of a card by mail

(Unfortunately PayPal is inaccessible in this time)
I work with a small advance payment.(10%) It is made after we will confirm a sketch and color scheme. when i receive advance, i'll work in a total power And then, when work is ready you pay еhe remained sum, and after that i'll send you a full-sized artwork.


During the work, I will send to the client e-mail with picture so that they could make the offers and be well informed about all.

All will begin with the simple sketch and sketches of color scale. (It will look not so good, but this is just a sketch) don't be afraid.

Paintings can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to complete depending on my schedule/ details involved. So please be patient. I'll do my best)


Please, consider that I reserve the right to use the commissions in competitions, a portfolio, tutorialss and on other sites unless otherwise noted. (I will say that it is my commission for "client's nickname" etc.)

Also please note that even with a commission purchase, the client does NOT have the rights to use the image in any commercial money making venture or in reproduction (including book illustration, website design/illustration, merchandise, or any venture that will include a personal profit), unless otherwise agreed on.


P.S.: If you want to get a commission from me, please feel free and make an order via message or ISQ-615825189

P.S.: If you make 3 orders in the same time, you receive a 10% discount from the final sum.

or 5% discount if you advertise my commissions info in your journal



Love to have these on my walls! Fantasy art inspires me.

Wall of Comment Epicness

<Evlydia> Think about it, what sounds more natural? "They melted into each other's kisses with the flickering torch light casting shadows all around them" or "They melted into each other's kisses with the screeching sounds of the chicken factory all around them"?

<Evlydia> I think I just wrote the perfect sentence.


LadyofGaerdon Ooh, well that's mysterious! :iconwoooplz:

Nichrysalis It's mysterious because of... because it is. :iconwooooplz:

LadyofGaerdon :iconlegaspplz: My woo has been one-upped! :giggle:


LadyofGaerdon This needs three votes? Seriously? *sigh* Accept if you approve of the resurrection.

LadyofGaerdon ...of the feature. Resurrection of the feature. Leaving the word unspecific sounded kind of...ominous. :giggle:

angeljunkie Yeah, yeah. Nice cover, but we all know you're plotting a secret resurrection of cat-penguin-vampire-bat mutants to take over the world. You act nice, but yeah. We're onto you.

LadyofGaerdon Dude, if I was planning to take over the world, it would absolutely be with cat-penguin-vampire-bat mutants. How did you know those are all some of my favorite things?

angeljunkie Um. Because they are only some of the most awesome things ever and anyone who wasn't planning to take over the world with cat-penguin-vampire-bat mutants just wouldn't be doing it right.


<AspiredWriter> i scared LadyofGaerdon off....

<Evlydia> No, it was the kitten.

<AspiredWriter> the kitten scared her off? They are frightening.

<Evlydia> No, you scared the kitten off

<AspiredWriter> ooh i feel so powerful

<Evlydia> You feel powerful for scaring...a kitten?

<AspiredWriter> and LadyofGaerdon too

<Evlydia> you didn't scare Rain, she's just obeying her kitten!

<AspiredWriter> but since i scared her kitten and she obeys her kitten i'm so powerful ;)


:bulletgreen: "I'm being killed by tiny branches!" - MaddyJordan

:bulletblack:"As long as it's in good taste. Which thankfully your necrophilia is." - Snapperz

:bulletpurple:" probably says something when one writes a novel in 1st person and a journal in 3rd." - TarienCole

:bulletblue: "Rain, I'm a bit worried about your younger self. I don't think I want to know what you were doing behind a dumpster." - Evlydia

:bulletred: "Yeah, cause then they slow down our acceptance process and makes us go bonkers when we don't hear back from the publishers in a month because they're busy burning all the query letters from the twi-hards." - mindlesspuppettoy

:bulletgreen: "I typed do a barrel roll into google and realized there was more to life than tearing at people's flesh" - ATrue

:bulletred: "You are the Violet to my Celidia." - Evlydia

:bulletgreen: "Gaerdon knows her stuff. :)" - XtremeOverdrive commenting on my nominating a poem by OritPetra for a DD.

:bulletred: "Rain is amazing! Both the type that falls out of the sky and off of ladders!" - Evlydia

:bulletpurple: "If you met yourself now when you first joined, you'd be terrified." - Evlydia to me.

Spazzbert: I want to be a Pemium Member. It sounds dirty.

StapledSlut: It sounds like it should be the scientific term for "baby dick".
"Yo, man, he totally had a baby dick!"
"I believe the correct term is 'Pemium Member', and you shouldn't pick on him for this condition."

:bulletblue: "Honestly, though? It's politics. Politics keeps me quiet. Because we're not supposed to ask why it's okay for us to discriminate against people, or why it's okay for people to die of cancer because they can't afford treatment. Or why we even use the ridiculously stupid electoral college, even though we claim to be a "one person, one vote" country. Once you stop feeling comfortable asking these questions, it's all downhill.

But Violet? Violet would ask all of these questions, loudly, until someone answered. And that is why she is my hero." - me, to DanikaMilles

:bulletyellow:"I think I have an idea...might have something to do with the fact that you used the very excited emote and (from what I hear) you squeel if you see a squirel...I think you can barely stay seated..." - Evlydia

:bulletgreen:"I kind of did an inward cackle of glee (because I'm messed up like that) when you said that you're secretly editing my book while in class. I was a troublemaker in school and so the fact that my work is still making trouble makes me feel like I'm kind of vicariously re-living my delinquent youth.

The above paragraph should be proof positive that despite the fact that I AM an adult, technically, I really have never grown up. Because I'm supposed to say something like "Now now, don't get in trouble over me, do your classwork". But no. Can't do it. Of course, I would feel bad if you got in trouble because of me, but until that happens I am just going to think the whole thing is awesome. K?" - me, to mindlesspuppettoy

:bulletwhite:"I may be clumsy and scatterbrained, but at least I know it and prepare accordingly." - me, to Evlydia

:bulletgreen: ":ohnoes: Why is the dragon not burning up and letting me take its soul?!" - Evlydia

:bulletred: "Well, I'm not one of those girls. If a guy gave me a rock on a string rather than a "rock" on a string, I would still love him." - Evlydia

:bulletpurple: "When I got to write I'm just like 'english...what is this?'" - Evlydia

:bulletblue: "He doesn't want a full working body, he wants you." - Evlydia


LadyofGaerdon's Profile Picture
Rain Jeys
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hi there. I see that you've found my page, so thank you for visiting! I'm Rain. Or Julia. Or Lady. Or M'lady. Whatever, really. I also answer to "Hey, you." I'm friendly and I write stuff. I'm emotional and sometimes goofy. I'm a proud nerd and fairly straight edge, and very non-judgmental. I'm 26 technically, but also permanently stuck at age 17. I'm writing a young adult fantasy series (7 books total). I've finished the first book and half of the second. It is my goal to one day be a published author.

DailyLitDeviations stamp by caybeach I am now a :icondailylitdeviations: Poetry Admin! I'm so very excited about this, and would love for you to send me suggestions! Please go here to read my guidelines.

I give llamas to virtually everyone I come in contact with on DA, so if I haven't managed to give you one yet, just remind me. :) I sometimes go on comment binges in random people's galleries. Then I take weeks replying to the comments I get back. But that's only because I'm off randomly commenting on another deviant's lovely gallery. Rest assured, I will reply to every comment I get, and every reply, because I cherish them all. Also, I'm disabled so I get sick here and there and I might disappear for a few days. I'm sorry if this happens - it's nothing personal.

Just so you know, if I fall in love with your artwork and see that it isn't getting the exposure I think it should, I've been known to madly submit it to zillions of groups and suggest it for features.

I feel totally special when admins and senior members talk to me. Or when artists who I love, and who have hundreds of thousands of pageviews actually respond to me. But you know what makes me feel even more special? When you comment on my artwork. ;)

Well, that's enough for now I suppose. If you want to know more about me, just ask. I'll answer most anything and won't get offended. I'm a very open person.

Lit tag by :iconmaddyjordan:


My Favorite Book Series:
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Gemma Doyle by Libba Bray
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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dA won't let me post journals. So...I have to use the poll feature. Wanted to let you guys know about this contest in which you have a chance for the first 250 words of your manuscript to be read and bid on by real agents! 

3 deviants said Check it out here: misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot…
3 deviants said I am super-excited. :squee:
3 deviants said I love the idea that if your submission gets far enough, and the agents like it, they BID on it. What an amazing chance! :iconvictorydanceplz:
2 deviants said You have to write a log-line, which I've never done before. I am scared but I shall persevere. You have to write a log-line, which I've never done before. I am scared, but I shall persevere! :iconswordtardplz:
1 deviant said So are any of you going to enter? :eager:

Hey Guys!

Tue Jan 21, 2014, 2:20 AM
 HI! I know I've been gone a while. I've missed you guys and this community and I know I left really suddenly. I just got overwhelmed. I was moderating for so many groups and I had such a huge comment backlog. I just kind of decided to quite cold turkey. Plus, I was moving across the country. 

Around this time I discovered there is this thing called book blogging in which random people make blogs where they post book reviews and give away massive amounts of books. SOmetimes they even get them free from publishers. I've won quite a few and I finally started my own blog. I've known for a while that if I wanted to be an author I need to have a blog, not just a dA page. (I'm still pouting about that). I also kind of realized that I need to read way more books so I have a better grasp of the market. Plus I just missed reading books when I was only reading stuff on dA, despite how amazing the quality of the writing is here. 

So bottom line? I'll be around, a bit. I'll try to respond to comments and such, but I don't have much time to browse and give feedback, the way I used to. If you guys want, you're more than welcome to follow my blog here:

I renamed my novel (yes - again) "Rose Shadow" and I'll be posting updates about how the publishing is going there. If I make any major breakthroughs I will share them here. I know I owe you guys so much more for supporting me and my work. I tried to give back but I just got overwhelmed. I'm still immensely grateful.

I'll probably be publishing a book of poetry this year, so I'll keep you guys updated on that as well, here and on my blog. Say hi is you like. I'll endeavor to write back!

   - Rain

P.S. I see that in my absence I was awarded a DD. I am honored. Thank you. And thanks for the birthday wishes as well. I'm back in California with my family and doing much better health and emotions-wise.

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Jul 21, 2014
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Jul 15, 2014
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Jul 14, 2014
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Jul 13, 2014
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