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March 19, 2013
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Cosmic Symphony

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 19, 2013, 4:51 PM

The notes build up deep within you

burning at your core

snaking through your veins until your skin hums red-hot with fire.

They say the sun is hottest

when you are just barely out of reach.

It is there you shall ignite.

But if I managed

to slip past your blistering corona

past the halo of light that surrounds you -

and stroke your scorching surface

would I find the right

to burn with you?

And maybe

I could learn to play you

like the instrument you are.

Helios, god of the sun,

your surface shudders with sound,

melodious vibrations

unfit for such ears as mine.

Yet still I wonder what you would sound like

if my hands would not sear to touch you

when I reached for your strings, your keys? 

But love, you've never needed me, in order to sing.

You're a blazing sun and 

I'm a winter rain. 

But still your body fits mine 

like a missing puzzle piece, 

even if the picture you make 

is of string theory,

every strand infinitesimal, but together,

a cosmic symphony.

and my image is of love-letters, 

edges curled like petals,

weeping dew.

My rain could never quench you

but still I long to let your touch 

evaporate my tears to nothing.

Gravity is not the earth pulling us down toward it,

but space, pushing us away.

Yet I too am made of dead stars;

the dust of ancient suns

lifts from my skin and glitters

in the light that shines about you.

And in that dust could you find proof

that my skin and yours could be one?

Look close and you will see:

my double-helix 

encoded cryptic verses, whispering:

once, my essence dwelt in distant stars.

And I could be the thrumming heartbeat,

to keep black holes from your light.

I've been working on this one forever. :faint:

My husband is very into space. Okay, that's putting it mildly. His greatest dream is to go to space, he watches most everything on the Science Channel and in his spare time works on finding a unified theory of the universe, which would solve the discrepancy between quantum theory and the theory of relativity.

He says he's making progress.

So I watch some of this stuff with him and I listen to him theorize. But when I hear things like "Gravity is not the air pulling us down toward it; it is space pushing us down and away" (which is almost a direct quote from a documentary), well, I think in poetry, and so I start extrapolating metaphor.

That's kind of what this poem is about. He is trying to solve the great cosmic riddle, and I'm playing with pretty metaphor. But we're both artists. So because I'm me, I kind of wrote it from the perspective of a person with a serious inferiority complex. Possibly because when I first began penning poetry I myself suffered from one, and so that is my default-poetry-setting, or just because it is fertile ground for waxing poetic. Not sure. In any event, I don't actually feel inferior. Being a poet is every bit as good as being a physicist. :)

Some poetic science stuff that inspired me with this poem:

The vibrations made by the sun as it burns are at the correct frequency to be music notes. I'd love to know what song they play.

String theory is the idea that the entire universe is composed of unbelieveably small strings, all vibrating "like the string of a cosmic cello". So the whole universe is basically one gigantic symphony.

Parts of our DNA that we do not yet know the reason for, may hold keys to determining just where in universe life may have originated from. Evidence continues to mount that life on earth actually came from an asteroid or something similar, but may not have flourished until it was exposed to water.

The earth was formed from the debris of dead stars. So yes, we are all composed of stardust. :star:

Since black holes swallow all light, the only way they can be detected is by an X-ray signature that resembles a "heartbeat".

Thanks for reading. :heart:

Entering this in this contest here: [link] celebrating NASA. All the cool facts and handy metaphors I used in this piece are only possible because of NASA, and my husband and I often lament the lack of funding for NASA, especially considering what a tiny fraction of the budget it encompasses.

And now, pretty pictures of space:

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This is just really, really beautiful. I love the line: once my essence dwelt in distant stars. My god, that's powerful.
NocturneJewel Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
I really loved your poem and your comments too! The poem was very tenderly told and I felt a fragile feeling in it too. I love how you weave feeling into your imagery. :iconlovecuddleplz:

I heard about that we are all comprised of Stardust...but I didn't know that the Earth was born from the debris of dead stars...:icongalaxyplz:
SMAdams Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Student Writer
This beautiful in both its complexity and simplicity. It is mesmerizing like the star and expansive universe itself. Wonderful!

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You're so kind. Thank you. :heart:
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