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Lit-Visual Alliance Allied Artwork Feature #5

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 12, 2012, 11:30 PM

 :wave: Hello my glorious Allies! It's time again to showcase more of the amazing Allied Artwork pieces that have been making their way into our 
Featured Folder  over at Lit-Visual-Alliance


What is the Alliance, you ask?

The Alliance is a project group intended to encourage visual and literary artists to work together. I've felt for some time that the dA Literature Community can at times be somewhat insular - to its detriment. We in the Lit Community are also sometimes prone to griping about the lack of exposure our work receives when compared to that of visual artists. So in the spirit of ^thorns brilliant Complaint Challenge I thought I would try to do something about that. And so the Alliance was born!

This article features pieces that have been submitted to our Featured Folder, which is reserved for literature that is based on visual artwork on dA, and visual artwork based on dA literature.

As usual, this feature is the result of the member poll which asked you, our lovely members, to vote for your favorite Allied Artwork submitted to the Featured Folder to be spotlighted in the article as the best. :w00t:

 First up, is, as the author puts it "a silly little rhyme about a serious little cat". Pure, for-the-fun-of-it, inspired poetry:

  The Octopus CatIf ever you were to see our clinics
never would you find a group of cynics
as depraved as those in mutagenics
who created the octopus cat.
A collection of men from our fair city
all thinking themselves to be so witty
that they grew from scratch this evil kitty
the horrible octopus cat.
It looks at you with knowing eyes
is deaf to all your frightened cries
a creature you had best despise
this menacing octopus cat.
It crawls on eight disgusting tentacles
each of them tattooed with pentacles
be wary of the dread cylindricals
of the deadly octopus cat.
And should you hear within its jowls
the beginnings of its feral growls
or else its otherworldly howls
then beware the octopus cat.
For if you hear these sounds behind you
it's certain we will never find you
I hope we won't have to remind you
look out for the octopus cat.
 based on (old version) Octopus Kitty by aeryael

Next is a somber, Tolkien-inspired tanka based on a stirring drawing:

A rich, vibrant interpretation of a rich, vibrant image:

 based on ... by Child0fBodom

A poignant poem based upon a simple yet elegant drawing:

based on Just the Light Matters-Sketch by ghostfire

An enchanting collaboration between PondDreamer and creativemikey:

Oh Willow by creativemikey based on Portrait: Willow and PondTo paint a portrait with mere words
the honest heart removes the girds
the pen a brush of wary skill
to this artists unflinching will
The scene a landscape serene and yearning
a willow tree, a pond, a twilit heaven burning
The first star twinkling in the baleful sky
reflected in the pond, like a tear in her eye
On the bank a willow bends ever reaching
the desire to join with the pond a reality nonbreaching
Sad and forlorn the willow weeps
alone, the pond quietly sleeps
O willow, rooted in your place
can only gaze longingly at the ponds grace
Mulling the thoughts of this strange attraction
resenting the inability to take any action
Yet drawn by the ponds cool promised embrace
to sink beneath her surface and damn the disgrace
To be submerged within her entire
consumes the willow with disdained desire
A breeze playfully dances over the dreaming pond
the willows branches wave over her like a wand
The light on the ripples spark like a wink
drowsily she sighs for the willow to take his drink

Followed by:

:thumb320269957: based on 

Mature Content

Blood and TearsI've got scars and
Many two way streets of broken hearts,
I'm just a shell of a woman
I'll be labeled till I die.
I've seen hell and death
And blood and tears
And yeah i've caused them all
One time....
I may have lost myself
But I'm still me.
Drowning in myself
But I'm still me.
Sometimes I hate myself
But I'm still me.
I want to crawl inside myself
But i'll still be me.

I look in your eyes
And see my torment reflecting back at me.
Sometimes it seems that you're
Exactly me.
You've walked the road
I've been painting
And it gives me hope,
As your still here to tell the tale
You say it's all you wrote.
I may have lost myself
But I'm still me.
Drowning in myself
But I'm still me.
Sometimes I hate myself
But I'm still me.
I want to crawl inside myself
But i'll still be me.

I've been carousing
yeah I've done mine and their
Shares of running around.
Oh I've lost myself in the bottom
Of a bottle
Too many times to ever count.
And I hate myself
When I realize
I'd rather take you
 based on 

Mature Content

time may change me by scottchurch

Our next poll will be out soon, with another feature to follow! The more you guys submit, the more features there will be! :eager:

And to get your creative juices flowing, a sampling from our Exceptionally Inspiring Literature & Exceptionally Inspiring Visual Art folders:

A New Kind of Fashion by EstrangeloEdessa Into Dreams by creativemikey Of Virginia WoolfYou filled your pockets with stones,
a seed-sower sowing nothing,
nothing to cast away.
It must have been cold as you went down.
The bite of March water
must have brought blood
rushing in panic to your skin.
A gasp, perhaps,
as your chest submerged.
(Were you beyond gasping?
Were you so far behind the veil?)
And then the silence.
The hiss of water against the ears,
the stirred up mud against your startled eyes.
The water cold in your palms
and cold in your unravelling hair
and cold through your clothes
to your naked skin. And
the weight inside would hold you,
stronger than stones.
You stood, perhaps, for a time,
a naiad in the depths,
hair taken with the flow
until you sank full-faced and weary
into the soft silt bed.
 Trust by AnaNevesArt  Divination as a Means of Finding a Way Back   1.  I say nothing I am thinking.
For twelve years I have wanted
to do exactly this, but suddenly
pronouncing my own name calls up
the question of who it belongs to
in the same breath Like
Solomon I was born a singer
but in the wrong key and my
chords will not carry me, will not
summon the wolves to me only
packs of hungry dogs
stupid with domestication
but nearly feral And like
a hungry ghost I have learned
not to speak against those
who will give me food
   2. A sketch of myself.
                      He says I must have been born
in the wrong culture, he says. I got a taste of
the crackling heat here, heat to drive you crazy,
and suddenly I open my wide arms for
New Orleans, find myself needing the wind from
the Great Plains. Like a buffalo I have the spirit
of the Sun and I carry it with me. I am a plant
of burnt umber,
The harpy by Junedays  Of Half-Filled WordsShe is not a flutterbird.
Her fingers are skittish,
her smile is not.
Do not fear that you will
drive it away.
Sadness is her fumbling limb.
It is unwanted, yet
When it is January
she will tell you,
"I am still struggling.
And I am becoming so many people
all at once.
A conglomeration of beauty that
I have managed to mangle.
Please, do not be sad for me."
Sometimes her sorrow is
meant for you. But mostly her.
Those specks and spots
of ocean storm lulls
reveal her truths:
ones she does not want
to extract from herself.
Her heart is not a rabbit.
When it beats
faster, faster, faster,
you need not
run harder to catch it.
Seven deer by ForestGirl Message by Bird by irethkalt city on the water by evenliu Waiting.. by Volkair FAKE. by youngyeller Autumn Magic by ldiehl :thumb316946785: Midnight Travelers by ElvenstarArt CausticYou wish you had
a caustic tongue. Sharp?
Yes. I don't deny it.  
You could separate the layers of light
and slice up a rainbow
with the flat side of your cant,
though you don't -
you just try
to pry the diamonds
from men's wedding bands
when things don't go quite
as you planned,
and too passionate again. Does it sting,
your singing? Perhaps. I'd sooner French
a black scorpion
than suck that snake
sliding between your white teeth.
Sharp and stinging,
but caustic? No - not quite.
For all you've tried,
you've never caused anything.

 Commission : Sin by AnaNevesArt  The Greatest TreeWhen I was just a tiny seed,
     my mama said to me
That I could grow my rings and soon
     become the greatest tree.
I listened to my mama's words,
     and I was very good.
I tucked into the soil at night
     and photosynthesized my food.
My mama said that God had wrote
     instructions just for me,
Written in my cells on how
     to be the greatest tree.
I grew a sapling, small and slow,
     no larger than a twig.
I figured I could wait some time
     before getting to be big.
She planted me along a hill
     where ashes blew dull gray.
She said that sometimes fires helped;
     it'd be good for me to stay.
It was lonely in the summer months,
     the world dull and hot,
And scary in the autumn months,

That's it for now, guys! Thanks so much for being a part of the Alliance! :w00t:
For more Allied Artwork, please check us out at :iconlit-visual-alliance:

'til next time,

The :iconlit-visual-alliance: Team: :iconladyofgaerdon: :iconevlydia: :iconazizriandaoxrak: :iconquiestinliteris: :iconvigilo:

Fifth Feature from the #Lit-Visual-Alliance Featured Folder, showcasing visual art based on literature, and literature based on visual art.
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