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Lit-Visual Alliance Allied Artwork Feature #7

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2013, 11:17 PM

 :wave: Hello my patient Allies! It's  (past) time again to showcase more of the excellent Allied Artwork pieces that have been making their way into our 


What is the Alliance, you ask?

The Alliance is a project group intended to encourage visual and literary artists to work together. I've felt for some time that the dA Literature Community can at times be somewhat insular - to its detriment. We in the Lit Community are also sometimes prone to griping about the lack of exposure our work receives when compared to that of visual artists. So in the spirit of ^thorns brilliant Complaint Challenge I thought I would try to do something about that. And so the Alliance was born!

This article features pieces that have been submitted to our Featured Folder, which is reserved for literature that is based on visual artwork on dA, and visual artwork based on dA literature.

As usual, this feature is the result of the member poll which asked you, our lovely members, to vote for your favorite Allied Artwork submitted to the Featured Folder to be spotlighted in the article as the best. :w00t:

There was a tie for first place. So our first first place goes to EstrangeloEdessa's atmospheric interpretation of Antony-Hell's enchanting photograph.

Birth of the Moonlight GoddessThe date had gone well.
She wore her prettiest purple coat, the one her sister had given her, brand new and pressed clean.
He picked her up at the right time, and he kissed her during the movie.
Afterwards, they wandered for hours through the city streets, gazing up at the pitch black sky.
I'm so happy right now, he said.
I feel so… alive.
She had nodded.
She wore her prettiest purple coat, the one her sister had given her - her sister loved purple and pink.
Five years old, bouncing on the bed, her sister grabbed the puffy dress-up dress they shared.
I get to be the princess!
Four years old, cross-legged and still, she pulled up the crinkled white sheet and wrapped it around her shoulders.
I get to be the goddess.
It worked for both of them.
I feel so alive, he said.
You're beautiful.
You, in that coat.
You're so beautiful and alive.

His arms were inside her coat, wrapped around her waist, and she looked over his shoulder.
The sky wasn't p
inspired by Birth of the Moonlight Goddess by Antony-Hell

Our second first place goes to nightshade-keyblade's humorous ruminations of a rueful knight, based on Mirz123's adorably detailed stamp.

Next is Owari999's emotive poem, inspired by Jordan-Roberts' gorgeous photo.

wordeea's romantic French prose, inspired by SylveryFox's exquisite photo of San Francisco's streets.

San Francisco n'existe plus (prose) +AUDIO by wordeea inspired by In the streets of San Fran by SylveryFox

trip-to-zion's thoughtful six word story inspired by Charmed-Ravenclaw's paper valentine.

Oniksu's literary interpretation of Detkef's haunting image.

:thumb333306690: inspired by 

Mature Content

Test tube mermaid by Detkef

Goldenwolf's illustration of JZLobo's character.

Samson Phoenix by Goldenwolf inspired by 

Mature Content

Followed by:

She has the courage to fight fate,
to stay strong through lies and hate.
No tears will fall from her eyes,
hidden beneath her beautiful mask of disguise.
A quiet lonely fox in a forest of trees,
shadows darkening all that it sees.
With hair black as freshest ash,
waist bound by a thick leather sash.
Head draped with bands of beads,
with intricate patterns only a mother can weave.
Gazes follow her as she slowly strides,
she will do anything for the future of her tribe.
This time she will not escape,
not another failed marriage left in her wake.
The tribe leader has picked her and her alone,
to marry his son and be heir to the throne.
How she wanted to turn a deaf ear,
the  end of her childhood was so very near.
Not a gaze that peered at her could see the despair,
no one near or far even seemed to care.
Her bright Shadowfox will return within,
the darkest chapter of her life is about to begin.
inspired by Sun and Moon by Radittz

Cheated Hearts by AllynDupe by Xx-Angel-Sherubii-xX inspired by Cheated Hearts - ICheated by the opposite of love...
The solidity in her eyes is making me feel naked.
It seems as though her pupils, rock hard and perhaps storing of endless knowledge, are burrowing through my skin like screws. I am bare and exposed; my emotions hanging out on the line to dry in the gentle summer breeze.
Perhaps her eyes are so frighteningly probing, because they once swung hate my way, like a punch to the jaw, with each glance she tossed. Perhaps they are hiding some sort of mind blowing scar that I can only predict and never really understand.
It could be neither of these things, but all I know is that somewhere along the timeline of a few weeks, something changed. Something that seemed before unchangeable, a storm that had been raging for centuries.
It was me and my friends against her and her's. Typical scenario, and it made my life very normal. Everyone has their enemies. It felt as though our ancestors and our ancestors predecessors had fought the same battle, generation a

Our next poll will be out soon, with another feature to follow! The more you guys submit, the more features there will be! :eager:

And to get your creative juices flowing, a sampling from our Exceptionally Inspiring Literature & Exceptionally Inspiring Visual Art folders:

Totems and Godhoodi. As a child, confronting giants.
I take the pine tree as my totem,
learn to love the nakedness of its nether-regions
and its northerly fibers stretched and waiting
for the weft to its warp.
Girlhood is still a part of me as the
learning what I am. In the end,
I haven't climbed a tree in a long time;
I am small, and scared, and ringed round with walls,
and I beg the moon to teach me
to use my pine trees as a ladder.
ii. In the way only young love can.
You, sir—
you are pine chips, and I carry you
like a fetish in my mind.
You are the first vampiric sweetness
to suck the breath from my body:
unknowing, the feeling of yearning;
I am fibrous—celery stalk,
pale and clutching my thread self together.
iii. Transmogrification.
Watch as I petrify,
stretch until my bones
will not bend to let me drink.
With age I become a god,
brittle-boned and cackling; with age
the osteoporosis will leech my fibers dry
and my pine sap blood will freeze in my chest
to keep me warm in winter.
My finge
 Contest: Steam Punk by CAHess  The Mating Season
The copse was luminous and inviting.
Balmy winds shifted and the leaves swirled in tuneful coils.
He crushed the vivid ambers and yellows with grimy boots;
Feet scuffing the supple earth with each enthralled step.
She inhaled a surging gust
and spread her arms in temptation.
Her warm breeze thrust him in
and he clung to her, obsessed.
Undeniably beautiful was she, that he didn't comprehend
the brambles that curled around her legs
and the twigs that rose in the deep red of her verdant hair.
Her lips were soft and her touch bewitching,
like the undisturbed soil next to a water's edge.
That's where he laid her down
and took all that could be given.
Through slumber he was not aware what soon would be returned.
Damp mists and darkness engulfed the quieted creek;
the ambers had drained and washed away the essence of the marsh.
Cold awoke all visitors - disenchanted.
Gales were silenced and the darkness moved only for one sound;
the breathing of a heavy beast whose power
 Write... by kemal-kamil-akca  The Page of Promise: A Winter Solstice TaleIn the depths of a night that's about to begin
with the feeling of snow as it melts on your skin
and it covers the land with a dream so intense
that it returns us all to a child's innocence
And then what you'd thought lost and could never retrieve
is suddenly there to be found on Christmas Eve

-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The sound of her boots breaking the snow is delicate and light, like meditated, unhurried piano notes. She walks gracefully between the pine trunks, their needles making a cover for falling snow above her head. Her face, a frozen petal of porcelain, eyes of crystalline frost, is framed by the hood of her white, fur-lined mantle. The air is still, the cold a pleasant hindrance, as Lumi is able to wander gloveless, touching each gigantic pine in thought. Each tree speaks to her in a unique way, telling of the earth and the sky, of what speaks the wind, what whisper the animals nuzzled against their roots, or perched among their branches. She hangs, on all of them a
 The Defendant And The Plaintiff by Ascending-Storm  The Vanishing HatI warned him once.
"Don't go!" I said
when he placed that hat
upon his head.
He turned to the side
and gave me a smile
and whispered to me
"Be back in awhile."
In a puff of dust,
in the blink of an eye
he was gone from this place.
and I'm left wondering why.
We'd come to this moment
from a time further past.
It all hinged on a glance
through shop window glass.
He'd stopped for a look
at a hat on display
in a shop on the corner
on a street on our way
to a theater in London
where we'd first started dating
a romantic reprieve
and I wouldn't be waiting.
"Don't go," I told him
in a jocular tone,
"or I'll go by myself
and leave you alone."
His face split in a grin
and he pulled me inside
the dusty old shop
where with eyes open wide
I froze where I stood
mouth hanging in wonder
at a room of lost pleasures
and glorious plunder.
There were items displayed
for any age or event,
exotic perfumes
with fabulous scents,
there were many fine fabrics
most foreign I'm sure
and hand-crafted mirrors
 Red Death IV by kemal-kamil-akca  Wail of the Welsh DragonThe dragon bowed his head in pain,
He'd fought many a battle and not been slain,
Neither sword nor lance could end his reign,
But now his time was ending.
Life had been a simple thing,
Patrol his lands on the wing,
In the mountain stronghold he was King,
And no one dared to doubt it.
But now the nights seemed so cold
And his flame was not so bold
Even dragons do grow old,
And he'd never felt so weary.
For many a moon he'd not been out,
A subject the peasants talked about,
And though they all may run and shout,
In their way they loved him.
Yes, they may have fled and hid,
But cruelty was not his to bid,
He just did what dragons did,
And never killed for pleasure.
He chased their girls and ate their sheep,
And took their gold up to his keep,
But he knew inside their pride ran deep,
"Our Monarch", they had named him.
But no longer does he rule the skies,
Breathing fire to terrorize
The villagers and maidens cries
Are lost to him forever.
A dragon sleeps with one eye open,
But now he close
 :thumb332824210:  Acid Girl 04She once told me that Mexican nights were shorter
With enough pills, October can be one long day
Those eyes never promised calm waves or Novocain
There's tequila in our mouthwash
The problem is I don't see this as a problem anymore
Nine out of ten dentists recommend swallowing the worm
An air conditioner is smoking somewhere downstairs
I breathed in the cold second hand and the minute stopped moving
We're only alive part time- cashing our rain checks in rubber boots
On the weekends, she doesn't know that it's the weekend
I'm always aware of footprints in the mud and snow
If they take the trash, it's Thursday
The puppy calendar on the fridge says 2009
Someone drew dicks on September's golden retriever
But this way, it's always three years before the Mayans ruin everything
The kitchen ants drown in the kitchen sink
One sheet of fly paper hangs from a horseshoe in the doorway
The stove can only been used to light roaches
A needle in the night stand makes a guest appearance
The liquor cabi
 Totem: Medicine Man Bear and Trickster Rabbit by AzizrianDaoXrak  Beautiful DayThere are some days that are inherently beautiful.
Hot green-yellow days in August-- or July, but never June-- where everything seems still, like you're the only person in the world, because all the normal people are inside with their air conditioners, and all the birds are resting, and you lie down on the grass and it feels like it's just you and the great growing plant world that surrounds you, and it's utterly still, the only moving air caused by your breath, and for a minute you know what peace is. And then the air stirs, and you hear a lawn mower in the distance and smell the fresh-cut grass, and some laughter or shouts in the distance because some kids are playing something, but it's still quiet in your empty space of green, even when a car goes by, even when suddenly a pair of twittering birds flies overhead, two dark spots against the blue bit of sky overhead.
Days in the winter when the clouds are thick and heavy, like a flannel sweater over the world, and they're shaking down
 Dreaming Water by CarmenFoolHeart  The Wailing: TeaserPart I: The Sirens
The sound of the sirens is what has stayed with me. I remember the explosions, the engines of the Messerschmitts, the screams of men trapped beneath the rubble. Of course I do. But it is the wail of the sirens that yet haunts my dreams, settles that same cold sickness in my gut, that same cold slickness on my palms. It is the banshee shriek of coming death.
The night was cold and clear when that sound prickled along my arms like so many icy fingers reaching out from behind the drapes.
Rowan stilled her hands at the typewriter and ripped the sheet from the machine, lest some unscrupulous eye should take advantage of her temporary absence. She snatched up a grey cardigan, a torch, and the requisite gas mask, and had nearly gotten to the door before she turned back to look at me. Her dark eyes were as empty as ever.
‘Are you coming?’ she asked as she stuck one arm into a cardigan sleeve.
‘I’ll follow later,’ I said. ‘
 the wail of the banshee by RossanaCastellino  SymbiosisApnoea reigns,
and love
is death in a mirror,
when a cold candle
for her burning breath,
and her fiery heart
for his sacred chest.
Waxen tears bleed,
as immortality
breaks the mirror,
cursing them forever.
 Dream On Little Dreamer by AnaNevesArt

Before I close, I'd like to remind you all about our Winter Alliance Contest going on right now! Deadline is March 1st. We need more entries, so please check it out! :please: I've also added more PRIZES! :squee:

I'd also like to bring your attention to a Story Illustration Contest being held by Alliance regular JZLobo. :D

That's it for now, guys! Thanks so much for being a part of the Alliance! :w00t:

For more Allied Artwork, please check us out at :iconlit-visual-alliance:

'til next time,

The :iconlit-visual-alliance: Team: :iconladyofgaerdon: :iconevlydia: :iconazizriandaoxrak: :iconquiestinliteris: :iconvigilo:

#Lit-Visual-Alliance presents our Sixth Feature, showcasing visual art based on literature, and literature based on visual art.
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